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Mountain Men

Everyone wants to be great until greatness arrives. Everyone wants to be the king until the responsibilities of the wearer of the crown is revealed. With Season 12 in the rear view and Season 13 quickly approaching, the Carolina Skyhawks are ready to dominate!

The War Room at Skyhawks HQ.

Owner James Cline, General Manager Chris Colon, and President of Player Personnel/Offensive Coordinator Harish Prasad have been busy building, plotting, and planning their takeover of the SFL. The first thing was to secure their foundational pieces:

Randy Mercury (HB)

Shravan Prasad (LB)

Phil Hall (DT)

Harish Prasad (WR)

DJ Majesty (LB)

Dupree Hudson (WR)

Chris Colon (DT)

There were plenty of all-stars and play-makers in this off-season's SFL free agent class; but, these four matched Carolina's DNA perfectly:

Zane Doty (CB; formerly of the Queen City Corsairs)

Trystan Hatley (SS; formerly of the Houstan Hyenas)

Peyton Ellison (FS; formerly of the Indianapolis Spitfire/Charleston Predators)

Tony Zoma (FB; Rookie Owner Player)

The Season 13 SFL Rookie Draft provided many chin-rubbing, head-scratching, and jaw-dropping moments. None of the moments were as big as Carolina's number 4 draft pick:

Sully Richardson (QB/Assistant Defensive Coordinator; penciled in as DT/LB)

With all their pieces in place, the Skyhawks are looking to put last season's 4-8 record in the grave. Greater things are on the horizon for this team; and, they see nothing but success. The journey towards the top of the mountain is treacherous; but, it's worth every drop of sweat. If it were easy, everyone would climb it! Be on the lookout for this hungry team of individuals. The best is yet to come!

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