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#SFL S20 Schedule


Schedule: Schedule

Preseason Scrimmage

Louisiana Revolution

June 28th, 2020

8pm EST/7pm CST

David A. Richardson Memorial Stadium

(Revolution HC Gerald Smith's YouTube)

In Season 14, the New Orleans Pharaohs ended their final season at 4-8!  Former St. Louis Gladiators' Head Coach Gerald Smith purchased the team and relocated it 58 miles southwest to Houma.  The Pharaohs name has been respectfully entombed in SFL history ; and, the Revolution have risen!  Both squads do not play each other in Season 15; but, this game is vital.  Former St. Louis QB Jonny Pichler, HB Reggie Streeter, and many more offensive and defensive weapons should be a great tuneup game for the Skyhawks.


Preseason Scrimmage #2

Fort Worth Toros

June 30th, 2020

7pm EST/6pm CST

Commentary by Stephen Hacker and Robert Garrett, Jr.

The Stockyards 

Fort Worth, TX

(​Fort Worth Toros' YouTube)

Since the Dallas Lobos relocated to Seattle after Season 13, Texas has only had one SFL team to rule the roost:  the Houston Hyneas.  With Season 15 before us, the Great State of Texas has an influx of competition for the Hyenas:  The Long Star Glory (formally known as the Seattle Tyrants) and the Fort Worth Toros.  Toros' Owners Luis Gonzalez and Stephen Hacker (along with GM Robert Garrett, Jr) are focused on making their neighboring Texans quite uncomfortable for seasons to come.  They've already brought in talented players (QB Xander Gold, HB J. Williams, WR Stephen Hacker, CBs Ayden Davis and Nacho Sicario, and the number overall pick of the Season 15 Rookie Draft LB David Horrell).  With the abundance of knowledge the Toros have, other teams may want to avoid these bulls on a rampage!


Preseason Scrimmage #3

Mexico City Aztecs

July 1st, 2020

8pm EST/7pm CST

Estadio Azteca

Mexico City, MX 

(Revolution HC Gerald Smith's YouTube)

The Skyhawks travel to Mexico to face the Season 9 SFL Champion Mexico City Aztecs.   MXC Owner Ramos Lynn, Co-Owner/QB Matt Willson, and new General Manager Matthew Lee have been quite busy this offseason.  #29 Pablo Zamora (a MXC-original who's been with the team for seven seasons) recently hung up his cleats.  Seven-year veteran HB Ray Bentley stepped away from the league.  The Aztec Organization did not waste time filling holes this offseason.  CBs Jack Napier and Greg Gaines, SS Matthew Lee, and DE Chylar Kingsley will play key roles in the MXC's upcoming season.  The number 11 overall pick (DT Andre Krimm), number 29 pick (LB K.T. Horrell), and HB Phoenix Jones (former FB) will have much to say this season.


Week 1:  Charleston Predators


July 20th, 2020

7:00PM ET

Fort Moultrie Memorial Stadium

Charleston, SC

(Eleven Sports/FTF)


After being defeated last season by a final score of 20-6 at home, the Skyhawks will travel to South Carolina to kick off their Season 15 versus Charleston!  Carolina looks to add a win and go up 3-2 against a ferocious Predators' team.  Will the SkyGang's Offense and Defense be clicking on all cylinders for their season opener?


Week 2:  Las Vegas Fury

July 25th, 2020

8:15PM ET

Silver State Stadium

Las Vegas, NV

(SFL YouTube)


The Fury lost to the Skyhawks 17-20 last season.  Carolina travels to Las Vegas to face a rejuvenated Fury team looking for redemption.  Will the Skyhawks be able to extinguish the Fury's flame?


Week 3:  Baltimore Vultures

#The Feud

August 3rd, 2020


David A. Richardson Memorial Stadium

Raleigh, NC

(Eleven Sports/For The Fans)

(FTF Twitch)


The last time these two met, the Skyhawks were defeated by the Vultures 16-28.  WR Harish Prasad became a meme, the 1,000th SFL game was over, and the Skyhawks went limping back home.  With Baltimore having a somewhat restructured team, can Carolina finally shake the "Skyrats" moniker with a win?


Week 4:  Portland Fleet

August 9th, 2020

David A. Richardson Memorial Stadium

Raleigh, NC

(SFL Twitch)


The Skyhawks will have to be careful not to overlook this upstart Portland organization.  Jacob Bouvette (Portland's Owner) assisted in leading the Season 13 SFL Champion Denver Nightwings to a 6-6 record last season.  Defensive Coordinator Chuck Hook's style is relatively unknown at the moment.  With mystery as thick as fog surrounding the Fleet, will Carolina shine bright?


Week 5:  Jacksonville Kings

August 15th, 2020

Kings Lair

Jacksonville, FL

(SFL YouTube)


In a way, you could call this a rivalry game.  Former Carolina players A.J. Francais and Sir Chappell left the Skyhawks' organization after Season 11.  They both joined the then Tallahassee Pride; and, the rest is history.The Kings (Pride in Season 13) beat the Skyhawks in Raleigh 17-10.  The Kings finished Season 14 with an 8-4 record; and, a playoff loss to the Vancouver Legion.  Can the Skyhawks finally dethrone the Kings?


Week 6:  Chicago Wildcats

August 23, 2020

8pm EST

David A. Richardson Memorial Stadium

Raleigh, NC

(SFL YouTube)


Wildcats' Owner Shann Varner is very familiar with the Skyhawks' organization.  He spent three seasons in Carolina before leaving after Season 8.  Last time Chicago came to Carolina, the Wildcats (along with former Carolina players Maurice Spurgeon and Clint Hendershot) won 26-21.  Fresh off of 2-consecutive playoff appearances, can the Skyhawks protect their home turf against the feisty Felines?


Week 7:  Denver Nightwings

August 29th, 2020

5pm EST

David A. Richarson Memorial Stadium

Raleigh, NC

(Eleven Sports/For The Fans)


Last season, the Nightwings were defeated by the Skyhawks 16-23.  With the departure of former HC/OC Jacob Bouvette (Portland Fleet), Denver Owner Jeremy Vega has stepped back into his coaching role in Season 15.  Can the Skyhawks place another W in the win column over the Nightwings?


Week 8:  London Knights


September 6, 2020

8pm EST


London, England


It appears the SFL wants to reignite the "Eggplant Bowl".  In Season 14, the London Knights lost 12-20 to the Skyhawks.  This time, Carolina travels across the pond to face the ambitious Knights.  The Knights will face Carolina in Raleigh Week 12 for part two of the series.  No team in the SFL can ever be overlooked; so, expect both teams to come prepared for battle!


Week 9:  Arizona Scorpions

David A. Richardson Memorial Stadium
Raleigh, NC

The Scorpions have been a constant thorn in the side for the Skyhawks.  Eddie Gauge (Arizona Owner) is a great defensive mind in the SFL; and, far from a pushover.  The Scorpions (formally known as the OKC Renegades) beat Carolina 20-27 in Season 13.  The Skyhawks were once again bested by the Scorpions in Season 14, 17-20.  If they want to win against an improving Arizona Offense and ferocious Defense, Carolina will have to put together a complete game.


Week 10:  Houston Hyenas


Hyena Den Park Stadium

Houston, TX

If we were to say that these two organizations love each other?  You could call us boldfaced liars!  In a heated Season 13 contest, the playoff-bound Hyenas were bested by the Skyhawks 20-21.  In what looks to be another classic game, Carolina will travel to Houston for battle.  Will the Skyhawks soar; or, will the Hyenas have the last laugh?


Week 11:  Vancouver Legion

Canada Field
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

In Season 13, Carolina lost to Vancouver 20-23.  The Legion once again defeated the Skyhawks in Season 14, 38-24.  Former Skyhawk and Legion Team Owner Andy Hamilton has had Carolina's number for quite some time now.  The Legion have experienced an exodus of sorts this offseason.  Examples of key losses are HB Sudo Nakai, LBs Doug Day and Brian Craven, and WR Heath McDaniel Jr.  That, however, doesn't make them any less dangerous.  Mr. Hamilton has added value to his team.  Carolina will need to bring their best versus Vancouver; or, they may get an L for the third consecutive season!


Week 12:  London Knights


David A. Richardson Memorial Stadium
Raleigh, NC

The series concludes, as London comes to Carolina.  Who will come out on top?


Global Tournament

January 22, 2020

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