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Week 2 Thoughts

DC Sully Richardson

I'd just like to apologize to the Carolina Skyhawks' faithful. Our defense played poorly tonight; and, there's no excuse whatsoever. Being the Defensive Coordinator of our team, I take full responsibility for this loss versus the Las Vegas Fury. Their gameplan was superb. They had our number from start to finish.

Last week, our defense showed up in Charleston. Yes, we got scored on. However, we limited the Predators to only 21 points. To have 44 points scored on you is embarrassing and unacceptable. Offensive Coordinator Harish Prasad and I made it our personal mission to change the narrative of this team. We don't want to go backwards. We want to move into a brighter direction.

By The Numbers

Vs. Predators (24-21)

Total Yards: 359

Rushing: 145

Passing: 214

TDs: 3

Vs. Fury (27-44)

Total Yards: 355

Rushing: 42

Passing: 313

TDs: 5


Believe me when I say that we were not looking at Vegas like they were cupcakes. If you saw the hype video our Social Media Department put out, it clearly shows that we have a ton of respect for Las Vegas. I understand that simulation football and actual football are two different ends of the spectrum. I do believe you have to possess some sort of coaching acumen in order to succeed in the SFL. I played four years of high school football (both offense and defense). I played college football briefly. I have family members and friends who've been blessed enough to play in the NCAA/NFL/CFL. I better know something! We'll go back to the drawing board and be better from this atrocious loss. As far as I'm concerned? You won't see a performance like that again! I can promise you that!

Sully Richardson

QB/DC/Media Director

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