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About Us

Soaring Towards the Mountain Top!

We are the mighty Carolina Skyhawks:  an eSports football team.  We are one of many teams playing for the Simulation Football League:  A controller-less eSports league utilizing All-Pro Football 2k8.  Established in 2015 by Owner James Cline, we continue to make strides and build bonds both on and off the field.  The ultimate goal is to win championships.  With the front office we have, our brilliant coaching staff, our dedicated players, and the Carolinas behind us?  The sky's the limit!

Staff Members

  • James Cline:  Founder/Owner/Offensive Coordinator

  • Harish Prasad:  Co-Owner/Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator

  • Chad Nevels:  Gerenal Manager/Head Scout

The Coaching Tree of James Cline

  • Shann Varner:  Houston Hyenas

  • Andy Hamilton:  Vancouver Legion

    • Jeremy Vega:  Denver Nightwings​

      • Jacob Bouvette:  Portland Fleet​

    • Charles Dougherty:  Lone Star Glory

      • Brian Craven:  Lone Star Glory​

  • Mark Biddix: Retired

  • Sir Chappell:  Retired

  • AJ Francis: Retired

  • Heath McDaniel Jr: Carolina Skyhawks

  • Sully Richardson: Los Angeles Lycans

Original Carolina Skyhawks Logo
Running Towards Greatness
Feel The Roar
Laying the Smackdown
Present Carolina Skyhawks Logo
Big Punisher
Sky High
See Ball, Get Ball
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