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Kailua Wyverns
Honolulu Legends
Inspiration for the Skyhawks.
USS Yorktown
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15 Seasons Strong!

David A. Richardson Memorial Stadium

The SkyGang's Base of Operations

Island Beginnings (2013-2016)

  • Owner:  Jaimie Walsh

  • Kailua Wyverns

    • Season 1:  ​2-6

    • Season 2:  4-4

    • Season 3:  4-4

  • Honolulu Legends​

    • Season 4:  4-4​

    • Season 5:  4-4


Season 6:  Winter of 2016

  • James Cline purchases the Legends.

  • New Name:  Carolina Skyhawks

  • Relocates team from Honolulu, Hawaii to Raleigh, North Carolina.


David A. Richardson Memorial Stadium is more than just a football venue.  It is as much a part of Raleigh as the mighty oak trees that line the city streets.  Cline wanted to field a team that was hard-working and fierce; yet, family-oriented and strong.  Here are a few responses from James Cline regarding the team's name and stadium:

  • Team Name:

      "My original idea was to name the franchise Carolina First in Flight; but, that name fell through.  I also wanted to honor the military.  I started researching various military vehicles (tanks, aircrafts).  I found the Skyhawk.  The Skyhawk was an attack fighter used in the Vietnam War."  

  • Stadium:

      "The Skyhawk was a carrier-based fighter.  There is actually one stationed on the USS Yorktown that has been retired in Charleston, South Carolina.  My wife's grandfather served on the USS Yorktown when he was in the Navy."

  • Stadium Name:

      "The stadium is named after my father-in-law whom passed away in 2011 of cancer."

This is why we are relentless!  This is why we are battle-tested!  With Raleigh and all surrounding areas of North Carolina behind us?  We can do anything!  We are the Carolina Skyhawks!

#HawkUp #SkyGang #WeWantTheSmoke

David A. Richardson Memorial Stadium: Welcome
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